To Whom It May Concern,

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I wrote this letter to you, because I wanted to let you know that I care, & I Am Truly hoping, You still care too.

It's really the only thing that's going to,"Get Us Out Of This Mess." For lack of a better phrase...

Actually Caring.

I’m Thommy T., or bare minimum,

that's what people call me.

I Am The Creator of a l'il company called

Real Community Builders.

I started this community to help people
Thrive in the life of their dreams,
living & working,
however they want & wherever they want.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to a concept we teach within our community called, Symptom Vs. Solution.

I’ll go quite deeper into it over the next few days & emails
that I have scheduled to go out to you A.S.A.P.
...but for now I want to ask you a question.

Have you ever put a Real or Metaphorical Bandage on a problem before,
only to find that after a few days, weeks, or months, it ends up causing an even bigger mess?

That’s basically the premise of
why we started researching our idea...

which led to the concept we teach called,
Symptom Vs. Solution.

It's now a Step-By-Step, Guided Tutorial,
where We "Delete" Much Of The Symptoms in our lives
& lead people to their true goal, Quicker!

The Real Solution They're Seeking.

…Do you want to know what the results were?

People who joined our community for just a few days/weeks solved some of the major issues in their life, like they’re need for money, a destructive health, & their urge to connect with their ideal partnerships in life.


Today, just by joining our community,
Free & Short-term,
with an email at the bottom of this page,
you’ll be able to receive the true solution to these issues...

....just by start & continuing a dialogue
with one of our members who will be emailing you throughout the next few days and weeks.

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Do you want to know, what The people Who joined our community and stayed with it for the long term recieved?

I’ll tell you,
it wasn’t just a simple bandage to cover up
a small symptom of their

These people, achieve the incomes they imagine,
they starte having the health & wellness
they always hoped for, & they are able to achieve
relationships that feel Great, with the partners that they were
destined to enjoy life with.

This is not too good to be true & I offer the same to you,
based on a few conditions.


You have to Truly & Genuinely
both desire what you’re seeking, and be willing to share it;
honestly with someone on our team or someone else;

I’ll be honest.  The top part is the difficult part.

The second part is the easy part.

Based on our research we’ve found
the Money issue is actually, one of the first things
people seek a solution to,
and our team has actually found,
it’s a bit simpler to achieve your money goal

...Than it has Ever Been...

I’m sure you heard it more than once this year.

We are experiencing the greatest
wealth transfer in modern history



to be clear...

I’m not saying you can be a part of the profit,
I am not saying it is within your grasp,
but what you’re seeking,
is a part of the give and take… Of Life.


I am Super Excited To Help You Move Through


I hope you understand that's enough...


If You want to take part in the greatest wealth transfer
on a deeper level...

On the next page
we’re offering a very valuable Webinar,
It was pre-recorded,
As you probably presumed. & if
you genuinely watch it on the next page,
if you’re interested or not...

you’ll still be helping us & We'll still be helping you out

but To Help support people
Thrive in the life of their dreams, living & working,
however they want
& wherever they want...
Well that's what Real Community Builders was built for

Today I just spoke with a friend of mine
who I travelled half the world I have with,
because of an opportunity we took advantage of Years Ago.

Over 21 countries!

& I was granted the opportunity at a younger age,
to learn world cultures
& gain greater perspective through travel
& performance.

To ME!  That was so important.

& today by entering your info... I'll send you that incredible webinar that, if you join us or not, but watch the whole thing, you'll at least know a little deeper...whats happening around us now



Join our community, by entering your email...

...and responding to our emails from one of
our community members so we can more so understand, What It Is, You’re Truly Seeking.

Are you trying to finally have the income you’re imagining?

Are you hoping to be more fit
In your Whole Self?

Or Are You looking for, more meaningful relationships?

...right here, In The Present.

We’ll team you up with someone that will help you...

...& if you want to have all 3?

… believe me, it’s possible.

It just takes more focussed effort.


I appreciate you for getting this far in this letter.

& I appreciate You.

I started this community to help people
Thrive in the life of their dreams,
living & working,
however they want & wherever they want.

Securely achieving their dreams.

I appreciate you today for being,
Here… Living… Achieving Your Goals…

Helping Others Thrive!

…And if you’ve gotten this far, you probably realize, helping others…

...well that will definately be a part of your life if you want to get there “faster.”

wherever there wholly is for you.

I put quotes around that Faster, because just cuz something is quicker or faster, doesn’t mean it’s simpler,...

...but in our Symptom Vs. Solution Concept, Simpler is always quicker & we’ll teach you how.

So watch the presentation you're invited
to watch on the next page,
cuz it will help us support Real Community Builders, to Thrive even more.


& Truly Help More People.

I wish for you to hit all your goals in your life...

...Even if that means, clarifying in a little more detail,

...what it is

You’re Really Seeking.

Getting You To...
Your Solution,


~Thommy Ty

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