Hey! What's Up?

You probably didn't

I'm Thommy Ty, founder of Real Community Builders.

I started this community so that someone unsure of what they had to offer, could get all the technology or information they needed, to get them back on their path, and helping others again.

You may think that's not for everyone, but you have been a part of community at some time or another & helping others is the general law of exchange. We're here to guide you forward to your next step.

Many setbacks throughout my life would block me for a long time, only to finally realize what the true learning behind them was. That's why eventually my friends and I made a little joke of this ultimate learning & started repeating a phrase because we knew that there must be a great learning we could find behind it.

We'd say,

"Worst Case Scenario... Best Case Scenario."

Sometimes right when something bad happened, we even conditioned ourselves to say, "Perrfect." Others would say, "this isn't perfect at all." I guess we knew in that moment, that ultimately, with every problem there's learning & we'd eventually shed light on it.

We're here to help you. Whether it's clicking anywhere on this site, or going straight to a thirty minute consultation with myself or another specialist who is genuinely here to help you along your path.

Let's Do This!