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You Want To Grow Your Wealth.

Growing your wealth is actually quite simple once you understand the basics. We go through the foundational basics in the '7 Day Clear Goal Plan', which you can currently still get for free by becoming a VIP Inner Circle member.

The very basics I have listed out below. I'd like to also show you how I used this information to grow my wealth on autopilot in the easiest, safest, & potentially most lucrative, way possible.

The Basics:
> First you need to be clear with all the resources you have available now; like current consistent income.

> Then you must take a base amount (I recommend 10%) of your income and commit to putting it into a very stable growing investment market.

> When you can increase your base investment of 10% sustainably - do so.

> Also commit to putting your money through a simple management system that you use. The great books talk of this concept of portioning your money intentionally, so that it has a set use before it even arrives.

I have found the simplest way to portion your accounts, is to start this way:
1. The Receiving Account (100% deposited to be divided amongst the rest.)

2. The Tax Account

3. The Wealth Growth Account (start at 10%+)

4. The Charity Account (also recommended 10%+)
5. The General Account

6. The Operations Account

If you do not have an intentional system set up to work for you on autopilot like shown, you are sending a message to your money to not provide for you as much. Once you do start using a system like this, you will notice, more money ends up flowing. It may seem odd, try it and you'll see.

Of course to have true wealth you should have several income streams. Besides your main job & your wealth growth account, it is highly beneficial to have a passion project that can capitalize more income for you. It maybe very challenging for some to juggle all these things, but crafting your own niche & starting your own community is extremely rewarding. Get more info on starting your own thriving & sustainably-profitable community here.

You understand the basics now. So, I'd like to invite you to listen to my short story on the next page of how I took, what I learned in a 2 hour short course to grow an additional $10,000 Wealth egg, with the simplest investment tool around; which is also the safest & probably most lucrative today.

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