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Hey, Nice to Connect!

Short open synopsis that lead me here.
I'm Thommy Ty, founder of Real Community Builders.

One of my passions was traveling the world, performing with my dance troupe, so I knew a "regular job" wasn't going to be for me.

My family & friends thought I was crazy. Taking my laptop around the world, working on it while I was on vacation, when no one thought remote work was even feasible. Now, everyone aspires to do it.

Many setbacks in the Online Marketing Industry blessed me with knowledge, introduced me to a lot of great people and challenged me with different perspectives.
I'm grateful for it all.

My friends and I repeat a little phrase we came up with to explain 'seemingly bad' scenarios;

"Worst Case Scenario... Best Case Scenario."

Because you can always learn from your mishaps, so the best times to grow are often in the worst of times.

I'd love to connect more, so click on the links that speak to you. Real Community Builders are here to help you create your dream community, step-by-step.

How You Do it

3 foundational parts to creating thriving communities.



When you master your mind, your vision is clear, the actions to your goal are swift, & you experience more fulfilling aspects of life. The 1st step is mastering this.



Learning the right new skills & honing your current ones, moves you most efficiently toward your destination. We'll help you grasp your best talents so your community thrives if you wish.



Usually, the better the tool, the easier the work. Whether creating sustainable businesses or creative communities, we will suggest any available tools we think may help you on your way.

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