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:Bonus Tips Mentioned In This Video

  • Just do what You Want To Do… as long as you’re being Good & Respectful / Not being a douchebag…
  • If You 'don't have enough Cash, Money, or Wealth... Get The #1 simplest System to Get it... By Clicking the buttons.
  • Make Sure You Have A Goal In Place --- | * A Goal Card * | --- A Clear Destination You Appreciate Moving Towards.
  • Take Steps Toward your Desired Goal Every Day.
  • Be In The Moment... Said many ways... 1 way being,

"Be wholly there/here As Often As Possible."

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  • Don't Like Your Current Destination?  Decide to choose a new one, however small it may be...
  • Start With Your Heart.   This isn't mentioned in the video verbally...
  • But, focussing on your heart 3 times a day for 10 concentrated minutes, makes a Lifetime of a difference.
  • Imagine your Actually-Perfect 25-year-from-now Destination & In Present Tense, Clearly write it down on ... ... Several Pages, with the date.
  • Don't want to do /|\ that? 
  • ---> Write down things you want to achieve today, tomorrow... weeks from now... months from now... years from now... & come back to them to recalibrate...
  • Write Down or Create, General Things You'd Like To Achieve In Your Life... Every Day.

"Writing out what is flowing through your mind 'clears your cache' in sorts, so your mind and body works better...
... & keeping a journal and writing in it whenever something comes to mind or at least once daily...
is one of those 'clearing your cache' sort of tools... Defragment."

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  • ---> Generate More 'Traffic' to where you can earn More Money
  • ---> Make More Sales & ---> Do it systematically for
  • = Exponential & repetitive, consistent, growth <3 IN YOUR LIFE
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