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I remember the first time I heard of each of these hacks, I was amazed at what they could do because of what was shared. Then, I didn't do a thing about it. I guess I'm pointing this out for one primary reason. If you've never heard of these or have heard of them and haven't done anything about 'em yet, please do yourself a favor.

Start using these hacks today. I'm not saying you have to start doing these all day every day, but if you watch the video below, you'll understand how simple these hacks are, and you may start doing them all day, every day, anyway.

A simple intro to 'em. First off, one is basically a daily combo of tasks that you should do every single day, preferably in the morning. The second one, I happen to use As, One of the tasks, but it's not a prerequisite for it... and you don't actually have to do the whole regimen of the tasks, in the first hack, to start using the 2nd, super-easy & super-simple one, All Day Every Day!

Without Further Adieu

"in less than 6 minute - your goals achieved"

Choose to do these, "today!"

1st hack - Life SAVERS

To recap: These hacks, will literally take you "Right To Your Next Step On Your Path" A.S.A.P.

First hack is The "Life S.A.V.E.R.S." They are the 6 major things almost all celebrities, million-dollar entreprenuers & Overall Top Producers do.

Silence - like prayers or meditations, maybe some thoughts of what you're grateful for
Affirmations - those powerful phrases that affirm things into the physical plane

Visualizations - clearly picturing things, in this case, your goals or the type of individual you must become to achieve them

Exercise - my mentor likes to call this breaking a sweat, but even going for a walk first thing is Uber Beneficial

Reading - yes, that's right reading a bit everyday :) start with 1 page or five minutes and keep adding

Scribing - or journaling, at times i tried this as creating, so making content first thing in the morning

2nd hack - Ho'Oponopono

Seems silly but Ho'Oponopono has gotten me out of quite a bind And a pickle. I use this All The Time!!! ... just to clarify my next step, but the science behind it is real. This "funny" Hawaiian phrase actually means the phrases:

I Love You,

I Am Sorry,
Please Forgive Me,

(And) Thank You.

Because these phrases are so, in a sense compassionate or, they are super high "frequencies" (see book Power Vs. Force, by Dr. David R. Hawkins) they will actually bring up your frequency, and by even just repeating them, you will get to the state of Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, & 3-4 other emotions that all bring you up there to Basic, Nice-ness.

I highly recommend, if you don't have an affirmation to start with, so you can achieve your goals. Boom Chikkity Boom Boom - you're covered right here with the classic, Ho'Oponopono phrases and feelings of, I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please, Forgive Me, & Thank You !

I wish you the best and can imagine, you are going to have a good day and even better week,
if you start to take advantage of what you just learned right here on our site.

:D ~Cheers!

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